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ARTIS pheno

Our Task

ARTIS pheno is a pioneering imaging system developed by Siemens Healthineers for minimally invasive surgery. What sets this system apart from others is that it was developed specifically for use in the treatment of all patients regardless of their condition, weight or the positioning requirements. This message was to be conveyed to specialists worldwide by means of an international campaign to accompany the market launch of the new system.

Our Approach

As individual as your patients – this claim was the main idea behind our integrated communication, the purpose of which was to show how ARTIS pheno helps physicians rise to the different challenges they encounter each day. Regardless of how challenging the patient or procedure, ARTIS pheno delivers the right images.

The Path

Using a process designed in-house, we worked together with the Siemens Healthineers team in a series of workshops to develop the positioning and the target formats.

Communication components

And this is what the final product looks like: the ARTIS pheno launch trailer …

… and a host of other formats such as ads, brochures, giveaways, mails, online banners, detailed videos, presentations, cover story in the customer magazine, and website.

What Our Customer Said

Anja Dyck, Global Senior Marketing Communications ManagerSiemens Healthineers
Anja Dyck, Global Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Siemens Healthineers

“What made this such a success for us was the partnership basis and the structured approach taken, especially in the positioning phase, as well as the fact that the target formats were clearly defined from the very outset. This meant that, as a company-agency team, we managed to deliver this ambitious project within just four months – and with results that truly speak for themselves.”

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