Siemens Healthineers
COF Cookbook

Our Task

Added value for the customer: For Siemens Healthineers, value-based marketing should be the golden thread running through all communication activities. Our job here was to accompany and support Siemens Healthineers communications managers in implementing this.

Our Approach

Working together with the customer, we came up with the idea of the COF Cookbook: a practical and visually appealing book format that contains valuable guidelines for everyday communications. In case you were wondering, COF stands for Clinical, Operational and Financial.


The COF Cookbook describes value-based marketing in just under 100 pages, in a comprehensible and tangible manner. The book has a modern, streamlined design and content that clearly shows how the new concept can be applied in the different communications channels, from brochures and websites to Power Point presentations and newsletters, and customer magazines.

What Our Customer Said

“A wealth of knowledge, productive discussions, and the unwavering faith that together we can create something truly unique: these are the ingredients that Spirit Link used to create the COF Cookbook, which is a huge success both in terms of content and design.”

The Outcome

The COF Cookbook supports a new form of communication that puts the focus back on added value for the customer. It is changing the face of marketing at Siemens Healthineers. The company no longer puts the focus on themselves and their products but rather shows an understanding of where the customer is coming from – namely, faced with daily challenges and problems. This approach was so well received by Siemens Healthineers communications teams that the first edition of the book was out of print in no time and a new addition followed.

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