Launch of a new product

Our Task

Ever heard of advanced systemic mastocytosis (advSM)? No? Then you are not alone. This cancer is a group of rare diseases of the mast cells. Our customer Novartis has put the task of launching a new product, a treatment drug for advSM patients, onto the market into our capable hands.

Our Approach

Together, we put together a positioning statement that formed the basis for the development of a set of integrated measures for launching a new product on the German market. Instrumental here was to increase awareness among physicians of this often unknown disease as well as ensuring that patients receive comprehensive information, as opposed to the scant information available up till now.

The Path

Given the lack of experience with and data on a disease as rare as advSM, cooperation is all the more important. The key to a successful launch is having all those involved share their knowledge and expertise and pool it in a structured format. In this vein, we came together with physicians and marketing experts from Novartis at three interrelated workshop formats to develop a positioning strategy.

The Outcome

Besides the successful market launch, which exceeded all expectations, we are particularly delighted about the fact that information is now available for the first time to advSM patients. This is in the form of comprehensive website content and a brochure. We also managed to raise awareness among referring physicians and primary treatment providers of this rare disease.

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