Siemens Healthineers
SOMATOM go. platform

Our Task

An international campaign for radiologists to launch a new generation of CT scanners from Siemens Healthineers with a mobile tablet-based workflow.

Our Approach

We worked together with Siemens Healthineers on the development of the concept for the SOMATOM go. platform: a strong product family with a high recognition value, in which every member of the family has its own distinct identity. The clear focus of the communication was added value for customers rather than technical specifications.

The Path

Communicative positioning is based on an innovative workshop format known as the Communication Story Sprint. The idea behind this is that we work together to develop the core message in five days. This saves the customer and us time, and helps avoid unnecessary decision-making rounds – an efficient way to reach a strong outcome and is also fun into the bargain.

SOMATOM go. Launch trailer

Areas of application: events, websites, social media, app, intranet

SOMATOM go. Website

SOMATOM go. Brochures

The Conclusion

Exploring new ways together – this approach also requires courage and openness on the part of all those involved. And this is exactly what happened here, resulting in an excellent campaign with a high recognition value within a short time – a campaign tailored specifically towards the needs of the target group. The high demand from sales for apps and brochures shows how well this approach works in practice.

Award: Comprix

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